Semipermanent Makeup

Enjoy lasting beauty with semipermanent cosmetics

  • Lips with color and definition that don’t smear
  • A beautiful shape and arch for sparse brows
  • Eyeliner that looks great even when you wake up!
  • For athletes, freedom from perspiration ruining your makeup
  • You don’t have a steady hand? Allergic to conventional makeup? No problem!

Using a remarkable technique called intradermal pigmentation, we can apply semipermanent eyeliner, enhance the size and shape of your lips, make your eyebrows appear fuller and darker, and help conceal imperfections.

Our program of intradermal pigmentation is also used for patients with alopecia, for scar mitigation, and to restore or enhance the areola in breast reconstruction.

Please note:

At this time, we are not able to accept appointments for new patients.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to announce the availability of new appointments soon.

We are continuing to provide appointments for nipple tattooing (to restore or enhance the areola) for our breast reconstruction patients.